Volunteer Speakers

Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition


Speakers are available for community, business, church, and student groups interested in learning about issues related to peace and justice.

Linda Berdayes, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Saint Mary's College
Issues of media and news coverage of war, models of journalism, competing world views, talk radio and the public sphere, audience fragmentation and more

Catholic Peace Fellowship, Brenna Cussen, Michael Griffin, Benjamin Peters
Church teaching on war, peace, and conscience; counter-recruitment in high schools (educating students about the reality of joining the military and their rights regarding recruitment); preparation for conscientious objection in the event of a draft; and options for soldiers who are trying to get out of the military

Ed Cohen, Associate Editor, Notre Dame Magazine
Media issues and biases as they pertain to war coverage

Glenda Rae Hernandez and Peter Smith (Speak as a team), Community Activists
War Tax Resistance: what it is and how to do it

Kathy Liggett, parent of a soldier currently serving in Iraq
War as it affects families of those serving in Iraq

Sr. Elena Malits, Professor Emerita, Religious Studies, Saint Mary's College
Religious and moral aspects of the Iraq war and other conflicts in the world today for Catholic parishioners

Joe Miller, Chair, Department of Psychology, Saint Mary's College
The integrity of the election process; the media, democracy, and war; factors contributing to terrorism, war, and peace; the impact of the Bush Administration at home and abroad

Paul Mishler, Asst. Professor of Labor Studies, Coordinator of Labor Studies, IU-South Bend
A wide range of topics targeted to high school students and community groups related to the peace movement, connections to other social justice issues, and how to form activist organizations

For general inquiries, a list of specific topics, or to schedule a speaker, contact:
Zae Munn