(In dealing with the Sept. 11th attacks)

- Sponsored by the Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition -

Join us every Monday in a peaceful, responsible demonstration. Help us provide alternative voices of thoughtful dissent to the war efforts.

WHY: Because we do not believe the cause of justice is served by bombing innocent civilians in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.

WHEN: 5:00 - 6:00 PM Every Monday until the bombing stops

WHERE: Corner of Jefferson and Main, Downtown South Bend - We meet in front of the Federal Building.

HOW: These are peaceful, lawful, demonstrations. We do not block doorways, interfere with traffic, or get in the way of passers-by. Please refrain from rude words and actions, or any other negative activities that would detract from our message of peace and responsible action.

B.Y.0.S. : (Bring Your Own Sign) Or, use one of ours while supplies last.

- Church and secular groups welcome and encouraged to attend.
- Off street parking available.

"An Eye for An Eye Leaves Everybody Blind"