Minutes for 11/11/02

Meeting at Fiddler’s Hearth after Monday Vigil
Present: Caroline Domingo, Lee Smith, Keith Kimmel, Ellyn Stecker, Peter Smith, Lois Clark, Ed Jensen, Jade Trevino

Next Meeting 6:30 - 8pm, St. Mary’s College. Haggar Hall, 2nd floor, Parlor

We met briefly at the Fiddler’s Hearth after the 5-6 p vigil. Items discussed were as follows:

  1. A flyer proposal with info about our group for handing out was presented by Keith Kimmel. The overall concept and changes were discussed and agreed upon.
  2. A flyer proposal with info about the requirement that schools provide military recruiters with names and adresses of high school students unless they and /or their parents opt out with a written instruction to the school. The group received this enthusiastically. Keith is happy to have this used freely by anyone.
  3. Meeting and vigil schedules. It was agreed that we would vigil the next two Mondays and then reassess.
  4. Next Monday, Nov. 18, we plan to follow the vigil with a meeting organized by Bonnie Bazata at St. Mary’s College. Haggar Hall, 2nd floor, Parlor, 6:30 - 8pm
  5. On Monday, Nov. 25, we plan to meet (place to be announced- we are exploring suggested options as the Fiddlers Hearth, nice as it is, is not suitable for larger gatherings) for further strategizing as well as action planning. Items for discussion will include

Submitted by Ellyn Stecker

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