Minutes for 10/07/02

Meeting was held at Caroline Domingo’s house after the weekly vigil. Present: Caroline, Gene, Paul, Lee, Ed

  1. Discussion of finding a regular, public meeting for the Coalition. We discussed that having a regular time and place for meeting would help in terms of reaching out to new people. One of the issues discussed was to make the business meeting and the social gathering distinct. People could gather socially after the meeting should they wish to, but the meetings should be focused on the work of the Coalition. One of the suggestions was the South Bend Public Library.

  2. We decided that we would hold meetings EVERY Monday after the vigil until Thanksgiving-we will decide in November about Meeting schedules for the winter months.

  3. We felt that there should be at least two phone lists.

  4. There will be buses leaviong Chicago for the October 26 Demonstration in Washington. The cost is $70 round-trip and the buses will leave Chicago about 5:00 PM on October 25. If there is enough interest in South Bend we may be able to request that the buses stop to pick up people in South Bend. So—if you want to go contact Gene at woodehunter@aol.com.

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