Minutes for 09/09/02

We reviewed the September 5 public witness and thought it went very well. There were a few coordination problems and we thought that we should plan a short meeting the night before an event to handle unforeseen problems. It is also important to have:
  1. A person whose only job is seeking out and working with press during the demonstration. This person must pay attention to broadcast deadlines.
  2. Someone to do press phone calls the day of the event
  3. A slow walker at the front of any future march
  4. A sag car to pick up stragglers during a march
  5. Someone to call activists who don't or can't check email.

We talked about what to do next. Some suggestions and consequences were:

  1. Attend the Oct 19th Peace Network meeting in Lafayette, IN. Lee will go and others if possible to get to know other Indiana activists.
  2. Try to reach more people by holding signs near grape road or leafleting in the mall until we get thrown out (Zap attacks).
  3. Plan to try to vigil in First Amendment Free Zones if the site we are given has poor access to the dignitary we are picketing.
  4. For the last two ideas, we will need to do nonviolence training. Peter will plan a session. We agreed that CD should not be used for its own sake but only as necessary to further our message.
  5. We looked at the new Pledge of Resistance and decided to try to get folks to sign on to do whatever they felt they could do.
  6. We decided not to sponsor anything during the keep space for peace week (10/4-11) but will support other public actions. We want to expend all our energies to stop the war.
  7. We need to promulgate our plans in the event of an invasion so we can get large numbers of people out the day after the attack. Lee will prepare a plan for meeting and demonstrating for us to put on the web site.
  8. We can get good coverage by the press if we have colorful costumes when we do public witness.

Lee reminded folks about the Sept. 19 Jobs with Justice dinner. $30 per seat. Contact Lee ASAP.