Minutes for MPJC meeting for August 23.

Present: Lee, Paul, Dustin, Ed C.

Old Business

  1. Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the July 19th meeting were approved.

  2. Progress Reports

    1. There was a brief discussion on the No Child Left Behind Pizza Party on August 18 at Prince of Peace. No one was present to talk about this in detail.

    2. Dustin did not have the statement on voting completed , but reiterated that it would concern the new photo ID requirements to vote. Dustin will bring a completed statement to the next meeting. Paul pointed out that conservatives have always oposed lifting restrictions on voting.

    3. A discussion ensued concerning the disputes among supporters of Governor Dean. Lee proposed both sides submit their differences to a conflict resolution specialist. Ed said he would no longer contribute to the email discussion as he had said all he wanted to say about the matter. The concern of all was that the local peace movement remain united. Paul thought that both sides needed to step back and consider the whole issue, i.e., what our electoral approach to the war should be. Concern was expressed over two separate vigils for Cindy Sheehan on the 17th. If asked, we should say that we feel there needed to be two demonstrations and that this was a reflection of the growth of the peace movement locally.

    4. Paul spoke on the planning for the September 24 Demonstrations . Anybody who wants to go to Washington, DC for the demonstration should contact Lee, who is trying to get the ANSWER coalition, who is organizing transportation from Chicago, to stop in South Bend and pick up people. Lee can be reached at 574-287-8377, or at glosterlee@hotmail.com. We will try to have a rally locally for people who do not go to DC, in solidarity with the national demonstration.. Members need to post to the list-serv if they are in favor of this local rally. Alternately it was suggested that we could have a send off rally for the people who go. People who are interested in working on either of these ideas should contact Lee. ( FYI. On Friday , August 19, both ANSWER and the UFPJ Coalitions agreed to a joint DC demonstration although at the time of writing these notes , they will still be organizinng their own constituencies for the rally separately.)

  3. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was absent.

New Business

(Other items on the agenda were deferred due to the small attendance at the meeting. The next meeting will be September 6th , location to be announced)
Peter and Ellyn volunteered to host the next meeting at 1036 N. Niles Ave.