Minutes for MPJC Meeting of August 1, 2007


Present: Rey, Kathy, Lois, Caroline, Carol, Lee, Bernie, Glenda Rae, and Ellyn.

Old business
    1.  Approval of Minutes for June 25: The minutes were approved as written after clarification of "Cure" in the Gun Buy-Back program.

    2. Progress Reports
        a. Donnelly Meetings: A visit with coalition members and Rep. Donnelly on July 9th was discussed. Scott, Kathy, Ron, Danile, Peter attended. A letter from Wes was written and read to Donnelly.

        b. Rep. Donnelly re future visits and actions: it is agreed that Donnelly’s lack of energy re ways to end the fighting is discouraging and not what members had hoped for, especially many who had worked hard for his campaign. Discussion concerned how to get out more people to discuss aspects of the war mismanagement and faulty goals of President Bush re the war with the representative. Donnelly’s Blue Dog Coalition status was noted. One of our goals is to get 1000 people to express their dissatisfaction with the war to all the Indiana representatives, including Bayh, Donnelly and Lugar.

        c. Gun buy back Aug. l8th $75 at Fire Station 2: after discussion the group agreed to donate $75 which will assist with one gun buy back. Glenda Rae, who introduced the issue, stated that these efforts have been helpful in the past and in other cities. Theme for this action is “peace group buys a piece”.

    3. Treasurer's Report: Glenda Rae reported that we have $433.76 in the bank and $11.61 in cash for a total of $445.37.

New Business

    1. Website poll (Kay): tabled.

    2. Vigils at Donnelly's office (Peter): Peter did not attend the meeting and no further info was available.

    3. Kathy is organizing the Midwest Arlington Peace Project presence. This is a project of NW Ohio Peace Group. Kathy provided pictures and ideas for the project. We tentatively planned to do this the Aug. 30- Sept lst weekend which is the first ND home game. Site is pending. WAND, PAX Christi of Niles, Michiana for Democracy, In. Peace Network and others are expected to contribute. We decided to front the $200 deposit towards the $450 cost of transportation plus $200 requested for maintenance of the project. We expect to donate at least $l00 and to get $100 back after other groups donate. Kathy will proceed with arrangements for the group. She estimates we will need 7-8 set-up people on the 30th for several hours. (?take-down). She will get info to Ellyn to distribute on the listserve.

    4. Lois reported on planning for the annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki remembrance. Initially she was planning this for noon Monday the 6th; however Kathy reported that there will be a Night Out against Violence in Howard Park on the 7th and after discussion the group decided to have a table at that event. Handouts will include the cost of war flyer, the WRL tax pie chart flyer, and others. It will be Aug. 7 6-8 p.m. Ellyn volunteered to help with a press release and flyer if the info is sent to her by Thursday.

    5. Lois also reported that she is working with a number of groups in town re events for International Peace Day on Friday Sept. 21st. This is the annual day of the opening of the United Nations annual session. This event may include a pinwheel art project, moments of silence and a worldwide simultaneous “thinking of peace” moment. The next meeting of the organizing group is Thursday Aug. 9th at 2 p.m. at the Charles Martin Center. Call Lois if you wish to help.

    Lee pointed out that that day is the beginning of Ramadan as well as Yom Kippur.

    6. Kathy reports that the Crown Point, IN Peace Group has finally arranged a meeting with Senator Bayh about the Iraq/Afghani wars. This will be Aug. 21st at 5 p.m. It will take place in a conference hall that seats about 50. If more are present they will rally and hold discussions outside. Sen. Bayh had previously cancelled a town hall meeting with this group. Call Kathy Liggett if you wish to ride over with her.

    7. The Oct 27th Regional Peace actions. There will be regional action in Chicago and local members will attend. The www.unitedforpeace.org website initiatives were noted.

    8. Next meeting: Tuesday, August 28.