Minutes for MPJC Meeting of June 13, 2008


Present: Ed, Ellyn, Lee, Kathy, Bernie, Caroline

Old business
    1.  Approval of Minutes for May 13: The minutes were approved.

    2. Progress Reports
        a. Memorial Day Event: There was consensus that this went well except for some incomplete communication about who was to do what and when. In general the model of a manager coordinating distributed responsibilities was appreciated. There was good integrated coverage on 3 TV stations and in the SB Tribune. We agreed that doing it at the time of the regular vigil and tying in with a national event was efficient use of our time.

        b. IPJN report: Kathy reported that communication from IPJN has been scant. Items of note include that the Canadian government voted to allow US war resisters to stay in Canada. It should be noted that the vote in the Canadian House of Commons is non-binding and expected to be ignored by the Harper led government. The Toronto Globe and Mail newpapers reports an estimated 200 war resisters in Canada seeking asylum. She also reported concern by the IPJN and others about the lack of media coverage of continuing deaths in Iraq. She raised the issue of US deaths from flooding being higher than necessary due to the lack of adequate National Guard to help direct traffic away from heavily flooded areas.

       c. Flaming Policy Controversy: Several weeks before the meeting, a replay of this issue which had been reviewed at the May l3 meeting was requested. There were off list conversations. A summary of the current policy is available in the May l3 minutes and on the web page. All present at the meeting accepted the policy and actions as delineated in those two areas.

The group also discussed the issue of governance of the MPJC. There was agreement that the overall “looseness” of the Coalition was working as well as proposed alternatives that involved housekeeping efforts such as bylaws, dues, etc. Members are referred to the website for the mission statement.

       d. Mobile van for voter ID –At the time of the meeting we did not have specifics of the Bureau of Motor Vehicle mobile van for voter registration. After the meeting I looked this up. There is full information at http://www.in.gov/bmv/3554.htm. There seems to be one van which has to be requested in advance.

     3. Treasurer's Report: The treasurer was out of town but Ellyn doubted if there was significant change from the prior meeting. (Balance: $274.86 in checking and $10.01 in cash.)

New Business

    1. Project Manager Idea: Caroline proposed that we use a manager model for future events. We would rotate the assignment of manager and also various responsibilities. See Memorial Day discussion above.

    2. Healing the lesions from the primary election: There was general consensus that the overall goal of ending the Iraq/Afghani wars was the primary MPJC goal and that goal supercedes any preferences re candidates.

    3. Sign on to CISPES letter : there was agreement re sign on. There were approximately l0 members who commented on this via the listserve and who were in support. There were no negative comments. Ellyn sent the email for sign on June l8th 2008

    4. Impeachment Issue: The recent filing of articles of impeacement by Rep. Kucinich was applauded. Members commented that some of the articles seemed not appropriate but the main gist was highly appropriate. Members lamented that the articles, while deserving, were unlikely to be passed. We will however sign on in support. Ellyn sent the email for sign on on June l8th 2008. Individuals can sign at . Individual members are urged to sign on at http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2165/t/1027/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=24900. Clear the MPJC info to put in yours.

    5. What can we do next?:

       a. The group discussed the Move-On bake sale which currently had no Michiana sponsor (Dowagiac is noted to have one planned:
Host: Corinne H—fellow MoveOn member
Where: Store front sidewalk (in Dowagiac)
When: Saturday, Jun. 21, 2008, at 11:00 AM

And here's the link to RSVP and tell the host what you're bringing: http://pol.moveon.org/event/events/event.html?event_id=47512&id=12888-1164113-CpItJsx&t=5 )

        b. We discussed a separate meeting day for letter/fax writing/sign making and will schedule one soon. We will encourage other Coalition groups to hold their own. Items that need comments include, as always, the cost of the war, McCain’s comments re when the troops come home (“doesn’t matter”), the lack of adequate National Guard re the current floods; preparation of bookmarks for info re voting registration and voting; and the presence of No. Carolina National Guard doing urban war training in Indy recently.

        c. Preparation of literature for door to door canvassing against the war and/or tabling at community events.

        d. Continued work through progressive groups and with the Dem. Party and with individuals to make the connects between the war, the economy, and individual circumstances.

    6. Next meeting: Several members will be gone in the next few weeks. We will review possible dates by email for both the meeting and the sign/letter/fax work. Main Cafe across Main Street from the downtown public library.