Minutes for MPJC meeting for May 3.

Old Business

  1. Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the March 29th meeting were approved.

  2. Progress Reports

    1. IPJN report: The next project for the network is military recruiting in the high schools. There is supposed to be a teleconference to consider this issue next Thursday. Lee will try to listen in. There is no interest on the part of the network on the war tax issue, but they seem to be interested in promoting the culture of peace.

    2. Tax Day Demo Report: This went well. there were about 15 people who helped out over the six hour vigil and we gave out 1,000 where does your tax money go leaflets. The response seemed much more positive this year than last year. Also there were more people mailing their tax returns at the last minute this year than last. We noted that the penny poll in Elkhart received first page coverage in the South Bend Tribune and the story was very positive.

    3. Mission Statement: Zae read the proposed mission statement. Most folks thought that it needed to be more specific concerning the wars we have opposed since its founding, and also how the justice component is defined and tied to the anti-war position. Paul will send some comments to Zae and she will tweak the statement. Kelly suggested we include a reference to military adventures being strong-arm aspects of economic colonialism, especially with respect to dumping U.S.-subsidized rice on Central American and Caribbean countries. Rey suggested including a quote or paraphrase from Eisenhauer. Peter will put the revised statement on the web and wait for comment.

    4. MPJC Statement on the Draft: Zae read the statement which met with approval if we work in the fact that there is already a de-facto economic draft. Again, Zae will tweak and Peter will put the statement on the web.

    5. MPJC Statement on Withdrawal from Iraq: Zae read the statement and it was approved with the replacement of "won the immoral war in Iraq" with "attacked Iraq without justification." Zae will tweak and Peter will put the statement on the web.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: We have $377.89 in the bank and $14.85 in cash.

New Business

  1. Democracy Now Streaming Video: This regards FSTV (free speech television). They can be picked up from the dish network or they also webcast at http://www.democracynow.org. You can also sign up for e-mail daily digest. Maybe we could start a campaign to get them on local public access or PBS. A list of Indiana stations carrying Democracy Now is at http://www.democracynow.org/stations.pl?op=search&state=IN. Zae suggested that we all send her the alternative media sources from which we get our information. Peter will update the links on the web page using this info. Somehow we got into a discussion of the new Cost of War brochure and Peter was asked to make it "cuter," by putting the logo and organization name on the front.

  2. Student Volunteer for July-August: Zae will send the information on this student to Paul who will coordinate with her.

  3. MPJC position on Torture: We agreed that Ed J's response was very much to the point and will ask Ed C. to condense it to a proposed MPJC position.

  4. Other topics and issues

    1. Sheila Provencher is returning from Iraq after six-eight months with Christian Peacemaker teams. She will be in the area June 13 - July 13. Peter will try to sound out interest in having her speak at a function, perhaps cosponsored by the Center for Peace and Nonviolence, or ND, or Catholic Peace Fellowship.

    2. There will be a march and vigil this saturday, May 7 for justice for the latino community. Peter will put it on the website and Paul will send him the bilingual flyer. Glenda Rae made corrections to the spanish version of the flyer.

    3. The Center for Peace and Nonviolence will have a training session by Diane Nash for those interested in counter-recruitment on May 21. We decided to encourage folks, especially young people, to attend. This fits very nicely with our plan to be trained to do counter-recruitment in the high schools.

    4. The U.S. Labor against the war organization is sponsoring a tour with some Iraqi trade unionists in late July. Lee will see what kind of financial commitment we need to make to have them here and whether there is support from organized labor for such a visit.

    5. The next Topic of the Month will be Nuclear Disarmament and its connection with Nuclear Power. Peter will pose the question to the list.

    6. Donnelly is running for Congress in 2006. We decided to set aside time at the next meeting to discuss how we can get him to take a stand on the war in exchange for our support for his campaign.

    7. Lee discussed our getting involved with protesting the bad personnel and program decisions being made by the school administration. We felt that it would not be appropriate for MPJC to do the organizing on this but could endorse efforts by teachers and parents.

  5. Next meeting: Tuesday, May 24, at 1036 N. Niles Ave.