Minutes for March 29, 2005 Meeting

Present: Zae, Lee, Ed C., Ed J., Rey, Glenda Rae, Peter, Dustin, Mary Jo

Old Business

  1. The minutes for March 8 were approved as written.

  2. Progress Reports
  3. Procurement subcommittee report: Rey reported that we took in $118 in ribbon and water sales at the rally and paid Ellyn back $60 she had invested for magnetic ribbon purchase. She donated the other $40 to the coalition. We still have to provide the IPJN a portion of the sales. Lee and Mary Joe will try to get some idea how much other groups are donating and we will make a decision at the next meeting. The "Bring the Troops Home Now" ribbons are still available for sale for $4 apiece or 3 for $10. Glenda Rae will bring some to the Saturday rally

  4. Treasurers Report: Glenda Rae arrived too late at the meeting to give a treasurer's report. She will do so at the next meeting.

New Business

  1. MPJC Position of Reinstatement of the Draft: Because it is almost impossible to draft a statement at a meeting like this we decided to let Ed C. and Zae prepare and promulgate a statement on the draft and also on the next item on withdrawal of troops. We had a brief discussion and one recommendation was that we oppose reinstatement of the draft but use the draft threat to organize young people to get active. Another suggestion was to push for legislation that would require reinstatement of the draft before war could be waged in the future (whether it is declared or not).

  2. MPJC Position on immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq: This topic was the subject of heated discussion to which the minutes cannot do justice. A serious concern was the inability of the UN to do anything not approved by the U.S. Another was the level of desirability of Iraq becoming a Muslim state. Ed C. and Zae will try to sort this out and prepare a statement.

  3. Watch Video of March 19th Fox News on Vigil at Grape Road: We watched it and were impressed with the good coverage. We were also impressed with the coverage of the Indianapolis Star for the March 20th rally. With such a low attendance the reporter could have produced a negative piece, but instead gave MPJC several mentions. We decided to send her a Thank You note.

  4. Revise MPJC mission statement: We decided not to tackle this at the meeting. Instead, Zae and Paul will work up a draft for the next meeting. We encouraged them to be concise, since no one will read a long statement. Using Talking Points for material omitted from the mission statement was a good idea.

  5. Next Topic of the Month: We decided to address torture under any conditions, including rendition (outsourcing torture to other countries). Ed C. will post the initial message to the web.

  6. Peace Tythe PAC: There was some concern with how to go about this and the cost of starting up a PAC. We thought it better to offer volunteers to candidates we endorse to influence them to take seriously our views.

  7. Other topics and Issues: None

  8. Next Meeting. We will meet at 1036 N. Niles on Tuesday, May 3rd. It may have to be moved to another place since we may be out east helping after our daughter's baby arrives. It will be announced via the List Serv and at the weekly vigil.