Minutes for 02/17/03

Lois, Ellyn, Peter, and Sarah met to discuss plans for a rally in March centered about Women's History Month/Internaional Women's Day. Tim, an intern with the SB Tribune, attended the meeting as part of on-going research for a story about the peace/anti-war response to 9-11.

The goal is part of the overall plan to have monthly visibility with a large rally opposed to war, linking to national events. Two major events in March are the National Student Strike on March 5th, in the same week as International Women's Day. A national event is planned for the latter in DC, notably at the White House, where women have been conducting a fast/vigil since October.

We discussed the following options:

  1. daily visits to Rep.Chocola's and Sen. Bayh's office by different groups, which could involve presentation of point of view/songs/sewing circles/drumming, and skits.

    (In planning a group visit, it is helpful to have a list of names/addresses/e-mail/telephone numbers and point of view summarized for the congressmembers staff.....; I have contacted Mr. Chocola's office and am waiting for a schedule as to when he/staff member will be in the office....they are still organizing their communications there; Sen. Bayh has an office in SB, but Sen. Lugar does not).

  2. Something by the students at area colleges related to the national strike. This might involve a day of prayer/fasting/mobilization of resources to provide discussion of the war planning/alternative options, etc. (Complicating this is that SMC/ND begin their spring break weeks March 7; and Goshen and Bethel Colleges will be on break that week; ?Ivy Tech/Davenpoint/Michiana???)

  3. A rally on Sat. March 8th 3:30 to lastl l/2 hours. Events could involve song/skits/prayers from major religions (Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist, etc)/drumming.

Plans were made to meet again later in the week of Feb 24th.

Jan to discuss with Center for Peace and NOn-violence re their preferences
Sarah to take copies of the cities for peace resolution; contact the drumming group; organize at Davenport
Lois to dicuss in her Church of the Brethren/explore further the rice bag project.
Ellyn to check dates for reps/colleges/place to have the meeting