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    Area vigils against the war:

    Note: Participants in our vigils are asked to abide by our Discipline for Peace Demonstrations
    • Every Monday, 4:30-5:30 pm -- Weekly South Bend Vigil at the Federal Building, Jefferson and Main, to oppose war in Afghanistan.
      Bring your own sign or share ours. These are nonviolent protests. We show respect for all participants and passers-by.
      All who share our concerns are welcome to participate.

    Upcoming Events:

  • Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Protest: We will gather at the corner of Jefferson and Michigan at 11:45am on Monday August 8 to have a presence
    at the 1st Friday celebration to remind folks of the horrendous anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    All are welcome to participate. Call Lois at 574-231-8971 for more information. We will distribute folded cranes to passersby and carry
    sandwichboard signs. According to Japanese tradition, anyone with the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 paper cranes
    will be granted their most desired wish, because they have exhibited the cranes' loyalty and recreated their beauty.

    Sadako Sasaki also became famous for her own attempt to fold 1,000 cranes in the 1950s. When Sadako was only two years old, she was exposed to
    radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, in Japan. As she grew up, she developed leukemia. Suffering from the deadly disease, she
    learned the ancient tradition about the 1,000 paper cranes. Inspired to follow the legend, Sadako folded paper cranes in her hospital bed,
    praying for world peace. Sadako died when she was only 12, before she could finish 1,000 cranes. As a tribute to Sadako's life and selfless
    wishes, her classmates folded the remaining cranes, and Sadako Sasaki was buried with the full 1,000 cranes. Her story stands as an
    inspiration to all, and a testament to the continued power of the paper crane as a compelling symbol for hope, love, honor, and peace.

  • Next MPJC Meeting: MPJC will meet on Monday, August 29th at 2:30pm at 1036 N. Niles Ave, South Bend. All are welcome to attend.
    See button on left for the previous meeting minutes and click here for the next meeting agenda.
    Call Peter at 574-532-3720 for more information.

  • Write to Congress: We need to keep pressure on Congress to end the war. Click Here for the addresses:

  • FLOC Statement: MPJC has endorsed this FLOC Statement from the Farm Labor Organizing Committee AFL-CIO
    as part of our position on immigration reform. We also endorsed the Mexico Solidarity Network Statement.

  • New "Cost of War" Brochure: Look at and print this 2 page brochure prepared by the Peace Not War faculty group at Saint Mary's College.
    It gives up to date information on the cost of the war in Afghanistan (and Iraq) in dollars, lives, and other needs not met.

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Ongoing actions you can take:

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